Garden Fence Painter Benington

Garden Fence Painter Benington is an efficient and cost effective garden fence painting service Garden decorator.

Giving your fence a quality coating of fence paint or stain will give your fencing a longer life.

We will paint your fencing to a high standard using a paint brush or spray gun.

The average cost of painting or staining a wooden panel garden fence, is in the region of £20 per panel labour this is for 2 coats plus materials.

The  longer the fence, the more painting  materials and longer labour times are required also trees and bushes in the way will increase the price.

Garden Fence Painter Benington
Garden Fence Painter Benington

Sometimes we have to power wash the fencing or sand down.

Paint will give the best finish on your garden fencing  we use  Cuprinol shades paint.

Wood stain differs from wood paint in that instead of covering the wood grain, it works actively with the wood to bring out its natural beauty.

Garden Gate fitted and painted

Paint  Picket Fencing

If your neighbour owns the fence you can not paint or stain your side without there permission. Talk to them face to face if you can make a note of what you agreed. If you don’t feel comfortable speaking to them, write to them .

Garden Fence Painter Benington also paint Sheds Barns,Stables etc

Garden decorator

  • Paint Outdoor shed
  • Paint Tool shed
  • Paint Storage shed
  • Paint Potting shed
  • Paint Garden sheds
  • Paint Wooden sheds
  • Paint Tool Shed
  • Paint Summerhouse
  • Paint Gazebo
  • Paint Playhouse
  • Re felt shed roof
  • Repair shed , barn or summerhouse
  • Repair fence or fencing replace fence posts
  •  All work carried out by our trusted local Fence painter
  • We like to use quality stain or paint because it has
  • 1 – High Quality Pigments
  • 2 – Better Sealing Properties
  • 3 – Resistant to Mildew, Rot, Insects
  • 4 – Environmentally Friendly
  • 5 – People & animal Friendly
  • 6 – Easier to Apply by brush or spray
  •  Please contact Garden Fence Painter Benington by Whatsapp or please ring Phil on 07862 908693.
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